If a semi-truck, tractor-trailer, garbage truck, cement truck, delivery truck, 18-wheeler, bus, or any other kind of large truck injures you in an accident, then my law firm can help. You may also bring a wrongful death claim if a truck accident caused the wrongful death of a loved one. My lawyers have many years of experience representing clients in trucking accident lawsuits.

Trucking accident cases are much different than regular motor vehicle accident cases. Truck driver fatigue, poor driver training, or unsecured freight can all cause truck accidents. Truck drivers get in wrecks because they spend too many hours behind the wheel. Sometimes, truck drivers resort to the use of illegal substances to stay on the road. Untrained and poorly-trained truck drivers cause accidents by tailgating, failing to judge safe stopping distance, and by making unsafe lane changes. Trucking companies and truck drivers try to cut corners by failing to pay for maintenance on their trucks. Poor maintenance leads to blown tires, failed brakes and other mechanical problems that cause truck accidents. Also, unsafe, overweight, and unsecured loads cause many trucking-related injuries. In many cases, the truck driver’s employer did not properly perform a background check or train the truck driver who caused your accident.

Many state and federal regulations govern the trucking industry and can complicate your case. In most trucking lawsuits, you can sue the trucking company directly. But trucking and shipping companies often form complicated business relationships with other companies, and these relationships can make it difficult to determine who to sue for your truck accident. Trucking companies are also very aggressive when defending themselves in trucking litigation. Because truck accident cases are often complicated, and truck companies can be very aggressive, you should retain an experienced truck accident lawyer on your side to help you win your truck accident case.