In personal injury claims, medical bills for the treatment of your injury may often represent a large portion of the damages that you recover. Although it seems simple enough, compensation for medical services has become serious issue in personal injury cases. Insurance companies try to take advantage of you by arguing that your medical expenses are not reasonable and necessary so they can avoid paying you for the damages caused by their insured.

I’ve seen this trick before, and we know how to deal with it. I will make certain that you have all the medical records that you need to prove the extent of your injuries. And we will make it clear to a jury or judge that those records relate to your injury. If you needed surgery, physical therapy, counseling, or other treatment for your injuries, we will work hard to get you the money you deserve for that treatment. I’ve dealt with the insurance companies’ tricks before, and they won’t surprise us.

Personal injuries can result in permanent physical impairments or disfigurement. These kinds of catastrophic injuries can include personal injuries that cause traumatic brain injury, head trauma, partial paralysis, brain stem injuries, spinal cord injuries, paraplegia, quadriplegia, a lost limb, nerve damage, concussions, severe burns, deafness, or blindness.

Catastrophic injuries also include other kinds of serious bodily injuries, such as musculoskeletal, neck, ACL, MCL, hamstring, severe tendonitis, whiplash, hand, hip, back, groin, or knee injuries. Such are often life-threatening, can put someone in a coma, require substantial medical care, and cause permanent damage to the injured victim. If someone suffers a catastrophic injury, he or she will likely need substantial physical therapy, or other kinds of therapy, to recover from the injury and may never be the same again.

In addition to the physical trauma catastrophic injuries cause, victims also suffer from severe stress, anxiety, depression, and other kinds of mental anguish. In many cases, the victim of a catastrophic injury never fully recovers from the physical trauma or mental and psychological distress of his or her injury.

Damage from a catastrophic injury often prevents the victim from enjoying the same lifestyle he or she enjoyed before the injury. Catastrophic injuries can prevent the victim from participating in sports, other activities, and from enjoying the kind of life he or she enjoyed before the injury. In many cases, the victim will always experience pain and suffering because of the catastrophic injury. Victims of catastrophic injuries often miss work and lose substantial wages and earnings because of their injuries.

Catastrophic injuries occur in many ways. Car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, reckless drivers, drunk drivers, or a vehicle hitting a pedestrian often cause catastrophic injuries. But unsafe working conditions also cause victims to suffer catastrophic injuries while on the job. Medical malpractice often leads to catastrophic injuries as well. Catastrophic injuries can be the result of a slip and fall while visiting a business. If your minor child suffered a catastrophic injury, then you may be able to file a claim on his or her behalf. You may be able to file a claim against the driver of the vehicle if he or she caused the motor vehicle accident if you were a passenger in the vehicle.

I have many years of experience helping clients that suffered catastrophic injuries. My law firm can help you answer questions regarding you or your loved one’s catastrophic injury and help you evaluate your claim. I will fight to get you the compensation you deserve for your catastrophic injury. I are ready to assist you to help you recover all the damages to which you are entitled.